SpotDy BigAI for Telecom Industry

As companies that control the communication infrastructure, telecom companies deal with more data than anybody else. Unfortunately, current techniques that are in place are built to process data in batch mode that are unsuitable for real time analytics. Moreover, Telecom industry is highly capital intensive. Optimal usage of resource can make or break a company. Big data science can be used to solve both the problem.

What SpotDy can do for Telecoms?

Optimize resources

With SpotDy, telecom companies can analyze how their customers are using their services (calls, videos etc?) to get a clear picture of how its asset ( satellites, optical cables etc..) are being used so as to optimize the delivery of such content.

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Real-time Analytics

Monitoring of transmission quality and secure communication can reduce data packet losses. With SpotDy real time analytics, telecom companies can significantly address the problem.

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Use Case

Customer churn is a big problem in Telecom industry. One of the world's largest telecom company used big data analytics to stop the customer attrition. The company integrated Big Data across multiple IT systems to combine customer transactions and interactions data in order to better predict customer defections. By leveraging social media data along with transaction data from CRM and Billing systems(CDR), the telecom company has been able to cut customer defections by half in a single quarter.

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