SpotDy BigAI for Online Services

As customers are expecting for faster, fault tolerant and real time services from online services, today's online service companies are ill equipped to deal with such demands. Big data and data science have the capabilities to deal with such demand. Moreover, using big data technologies can improve their services because it is possible to deliver higher quality of service reliably than ever before.

What SpotDy can do for Online Services?

Big data infrastructure

SpotDy can help online services move from the traditional data technologies to big data computing with distributed cloud based databases. These systems are faster, fault tolerant, real time and can deal with huge data from various sources.

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Improve services

SpotDy can provide online services with specialized deeper analytics on the data generated thereby gaining deeper understanding of the customer, personalizing services, customizing promotions and predicting future needs of the customers.

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Use Case

A leading pay online TV service company grew rapidly through aggressive pricing, promotions and customer acquisition. As competitors entered, the company realized that it needs to adjust its focus to building stronger bonds and increase loyalty with customers. The company recognized that in a rapidly changing and data-intensive industry, big data and advanced analytics can help address this issue. Moreover, it also recognized that the insights hidden inside the huge data could become a source of its competitive advantage.

The company started implementing Big data and analytics to become more data-driven in its decision making. Over next 8 weeks, the company enhanced its information architecture based on big data technologies. Using big data analytics the company got deeper insights into customers behaviour and used it to better manage its inventory, personalize its services to each and every customer and anticipate customer future experiences, behaviour and interactions thereby enhanced its customer loyalty by 75% and increased usage of its premium content by 25%.

The company also used those insights to develop a business case to support necessary future investments for new product development, innovation, growth and profitability.

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