SpotDy BigAI for IOT (Internet Of Things)

With growing constellation of connected sensors, Internet of things (IOT) is going to trigger a massive influx of data. The data generated is unstructured, massive, high speed and real time. However, traditional technologies such as RDBMS and warehousing technologies are not suitable to process such data. Despite challenges, Gartner predicts IoT will generate $300 billion in revenue by 2020 connecting 50 billion devices.

What SpotDy can do for IOT Companies?

IoT Software Stack

SpotDy provide IoT companies with specialized engineering solutions across the entire product's development life cycle from product design, cloud, mobility application development to machine learning analytics, real-time stream data processing, flexible analysis tools.

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Manage your devices

SpotDy IoT allows you to easily connect devices to the cloud and to other devices. It provides a light weight communication protocols to minimize communication overheads.

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Act upon device data

SpotDy IoT allows you to understand, and act upon the device data on the fly. SpotDy in-memory analytics enables you to deliver rich IOT BI functionality to everyone in your organization.

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Use Case

An electronic giant released a new line of refrigerators that are connected. The appliance contains embedded cameras, sensors such as humidity, temperatures etc. The cameras and sensors are designed to help monitor. The user can be alerted if his last carton of milk is going bad or order a replacement through his cell phone.

The challenge is millions of sensors sending billions of events and much of the information that is generated from these devices is unstructured and analytics to be performed is real-time. The company turned to big data analytics platform, a cloud-based, to effectively store, manage and process IoT data for actionable insights. The company successfully married IoT with big data to benefit consumers through connected devices with real time interaction to manage and enrich their lives.

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