SpotDy BigAI for Governments

Today's metro governments are tasked with providing smarter governance that includes providing citizen services ranging from crime prevention to transportation, city security to business development, employment to environmental stewardship. This process results in massive production and consumption of data, often unstructured in real-time. Unfortunately, traditional approaches in dealing and building actionable insights from this massive data have inherent limitations that impact the ability to produce immediate outcomes that often results in poor decisions and governance. After surveying metro government leaders from across North America and Asia, we found that leveraging big data and data science technologies results in achieving the smarter governance with ease.

What SpotDy can do for Governments?

Citizen pulse

SpotDy can help governments understand citizen's pulse deeper. SpotDy has the analytics and big data infrastructure to analyze huge data generated from various sources (government sources, social media etc...) to analyze data for a deeper understanding of it's citizens and their expectations. Moreover, the same analytics can be used to improve public services, reduce costs and forecast future government infrastructure.

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Specialized Analytics

SpotDy can employ specialized analytics to find patterns in data, and inconsistencies in data to address fraud, national security, healthcare, energy exploration, environment protection and education

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Use Case

A local metro government is committed to preserve the diversity while building a more equitable community where all citizens have a chance to succeed and nobody gets left behind in its latest strategy document.

For its strategy to succeed, the city council has to find a way to increase transparency in engagement with council services. Gaining a 360 degree view of its residents is a prerequisite for implementing its strategy. The city council decided to address these issues by transforming its approach to data management and creating more data driven decision-making. The key is linking data held by different parts of the city council with social media data of its citizens to deliver its strategy..

The council started implementing Big data technologies to combine its own data with social media data and applied analytics to form various indexes and metrics. The index matched the residents with their needs that helped the council get a holistic view of the problems and opportunities that residents faced. This helped the council become more pro-active towards its citizen needs.

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