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Craftsvilla is one of the India's largest online marketplace for the items such the unique Jewelry, Sarees, Salwar, Kurtis and Handicrafts. Craftsvilla online web site (http://www.craftsvilla.com/ ) currently displays various items in multiple categories and users can choose one or more items and place the orders.

SpotDy built a robust big data systems that can ingest billions of user events&intents on the webpage and able to build intelligence in their systems that can recommend users the items to buy, based on his/her previous history or current site activity and filters (such as price range, color of the items). SpotDy also built visual analytics, API service, alerting systems on top of the big data framework.

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)

AAP - Aam Aadmi Party is a leading political party in State of Delhi in India. They have contested Delhi State Elections 2015, posted a historic win in the elections, securing 67 out 70 Assembly seats and currently in power at Delhi State. During the Delhi elections, they have utilized our social analytics capability of BigAI in knowing the social sentiment of the Citizens (majorly on twitter and facebook) on political parties, candidates, public issues as well as media trends related to different election issues and personalities, to detect whether their politcal contestants candidates are doing well or not in various regions of Delhi so that they could take corrective action in near real time.

"We asked startups such as SpotDy to provide us with 'overall mention analytics.' Using that data we could see whether our candidates were doing well or not, at least in the media, so we could take corrective action" - Economic Times - dt Feb 11, 2015

- Arvind Jha, IT Campaign head, AAP

Zylog (ZSL Inc)

Zylog (ZSL Inc), is a publicly traded company that provides Onshore, Offshore & Near shore technology solutions and services to enterprises & technology companies across the globe. SpotDy Inc, patnered with Zylog in delivering the citizen engagement platform (called 'MyGov') for participative governance in India. 'MyGov' platform aims to facilitate a dialogue between citizens and government, bringing citizens closer to the Government and bringing the Government closer to the citizens it serves, all via the platform.


SuperFanU is the fan loyalty & engagement platform for colleges and universities allowing them to engage and communicate with their fan base. SpotDy built a data analytics tool to understand reward programs and personalize to their fan base.

Content Tools

ContentTools is a digital agency specializing in software development, marketing, and strategy.