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About City Pulse

Today's metro governments are tasked with providing smarter governance that includes providing citizen services ranging from crime prevention to transportation, city security to business development, employment to environmental stewardship. This process results in massive production and consumption of data, often unstructured in real-time. Unfortunately, traditional approaches in dealing and building actionable insights from this massive data have inherent limitations that impact the ability to produce immediate outcomes that often results in poor decisions and governance. After surveying metro government leaders from across North America and Asia, we found that leveraging big data and data science technologies results in achieving the smarter governance with ease.

The SpotDy City Pulse™ is built on top of cutting edge big data technologies along with deep data science and AI algorithms, for achieving smarter governance and enables govts to deliver right actions at right place at right time. In other words, City Pulse™ empowers the govt to understand citizen sentiment, prioritize the works in the city, better manage the health care, waste management, crime analysis, predicting economic growth, job creation in order to better serve and engage the citizens.


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Data Visualization

SpotDy City pulse™'s Dynamic Visualization provides you with a blank HTML5 canvas to design beautiful info graphics or reports that will automatically update every time the data is updated. The built-in collaboration platform enables you to share charts on social platforms, email and messaging. Even better your visualizations are consumable on any device.

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Citypulse API Endpoint

API Endpoint bridges the chasm between data and delivery. It is the purpose-built platform that provides everything to manage data and deliver right to your applications. API Endpoint provides services to measure the success of your API program with end-to-end analytics.

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Collaboration made simple

With SpotDy CityPulse™ messaging, you can get more done with less effort. Conversations are in one place, so everything is actionable and transparent. SpotDy CityPulse™ messaging lets you share charts and posts, on social networks and colleagues right from the platform so you can get more done with less effort.

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Powerful Search Visualization

SpotDy CityPulse™ answers your big questions visually. Architected from the ground up for use in distributed environments, SpotDy CityPulse™ gives you the ability to full-text search. You can perform data queries in beautiful user interface using dynamic dashboards in real-time for on-the-fly data analysis.

Benefits you will love

Interactive Reports

On the fly dynamic reports include sorting, filtering, and formatting. As the data changes, reports are changed dynamically

Data Integration

Have variety of data sources? No Problem. Our data connectors source data import and export your data

Data Exploration

Explore big data in seconds from variety of source using a highly interactive browser-based solution


100% cloud with 99.99% availability. No software installation. All of your data can be accessed through browser

Mobile Ready Dashboards

Build and view dashboards on mobile devices

Embeddable Dashboards

Provide a collection of interactive reports, charts, and external web content onto a single screen

Deep Data Science

Built-in deep data science solutions gives deep insights that give competitive edge otherwise not possible

API Endpoint

Built-in deep data science solutions gives deep insights that give competitive edge otherwise not possible