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Big Data science: A game changer for data centric applications

Aug 4, 2014, Authors: Ashwin Kumar T, CTO SpotDy, Inc & Amar Rapaka, CFO SpotDy, Inc

Data sciences and its importance.

Over the last decade, data centric applications (ie applications that deal with data like e-commerce applications, social media sites, content management applications etc) produce, store and process zeta bytes of data every day. Coupled with the fact that the cost of storage and computing power is dipping drastically in the recent times, data is growing exponentially. Unless, applications have the capability to extract valuable and action-able information out of their internal and public data sources, they can't be intelligent and exhibit smarter behavior that enriches their user experience

Data science is the practice of extracting the intelligence and valuable insights from structured, unstructured and semi-structured data using mathematics, probability models, machine learning etc. With the growing need for apps to be more intelligent and to be more engaging with their users, which is largely possible with the integration of data sciences in to their apps, there is a significant investment in creating more and more data science models. Some data science models include sentimental analysis, profanity filters, spam filters, image processors, recommendation engines etc. Some example applications and companies, which can reap in the benefits of the data science are listed below....Read full blog