Bootstrap your big data with ease


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BigAI™ for enterprises is an end-end big data plaform, built on cutting edge open source technologies like Hadoop, Apache Spark. Built-in system management capabilities that lets you ingest, process and store billions of data points. BigAI™ introduces a completely new model for analytics using deep data science, giving companies a competitive edge by uncovering new insights in real time. BigAI™ roubust visualization layer can help organizations visualize the insights in various dimensions that has never seen before. It has easy-to-use API service where applications can query the insights with very low latency.

Overall, it has all the necessary ingredients that can support all the big data needs of an organization in a cost effective, robust and an extensible manner.


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Real Time Streaming @ Enterprise Grade

Our operational intelligence deliver contextually aware insights from high volumes of fast-moving data. It enables you to rapidly capture, analyze, make decisions to optimize business processes in real time. BigAI™ is a high-performance data engine that combines the horizontal scalability of distributed systems in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.

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Reduced Cost and Complexity

Our easy-to-use integration platform supplies broad connectivity to people, applications, and devices. As a complete, integrated and dynamic platform, it reduces time to results and eliminates costly stovepipe architectures, reducing complexity and total cost of ownership.

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Data Integration

Hundreds of connectors that connect directly to any source of data across your entire organization, and bring it into one intuitive platform to process and find what others never see. Say goodbye to ETL and defined schemas.

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SQL Engine

All your data can be queried in real time with SQL - you already know how to use. With in-memory speeds and linear scale, you can query billions of records in secs.

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End to End True Solution

Save your time and money. SpotDy BigAI™ is an end to end solution for your data needs - ingestion, analytics, machine learning, visualization, data serving all under one roof. We are 10X cheaper than any big data vendor in the market. Why pay more?

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Scaling Your data and analytics needs change dynamically to support your business needs. BigAI™ Platform provides the ability to scale the system dynamically based on application demands without any downtime.

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Use SpotDy Notebook to build real time interactive charts using SQL. Don?t like SQL - no worries. Use our menu driven platform to build complex charts with ease in real time. Supports search driven dynamic visualization.

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Deploy Anywhere

Supports on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments that align with your goals. With the flexibility to choose, you can horizontally scale on-demand in your data center or in the cloud cost effectively.

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API EndPoint

API Endpoint bridges the chasm between data and delivery. It is the purpose-built platform that provides everything to manage data and deliver right to your applications. API Endpoint provides services to measure the success of your API program with end-to-end analytics.

Benefits you will love

Interactive Reports

On the fly dynamic reports include sorting, filtering, and formatting. As the data changes, reports are changed dynamically

Data Integration

Have variety of data sources? No Problem. Our data connectors source data import and export your data

Data Exploration

Explore big data in seconds from variety of source using a highly interactive browser-based solution


100% cloud with 99.99% availability. No software installation. All of your data can be accessed through browser

Mobile Ready Dashboards

Build and view dashboards on mobile devices

Embeddable Dashboards

Provide a collection of interactive reports, charts, and external web content onto a single screen

Deep Data Science

Built-in deep data science solutions gives deep insights that give competitive edge otherwise not possible

API Endpoint

Built-in deep data science solutions gives deep insights that give competitive edge otherwise not possible