What is SpotDy?

SpotDy's high-performance, scalable big data solutions empower businesses to take informed decisions in real-time. Our solutions help companies to better utilize their data by unearthing hidden insights hence making our clients competitive and delivering game changing results.

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SpotDy BigAI™ Platform
Unlock your data's potential with deep data science

BigAI™ for enterprises is an end-end big data solution built on cutting edge open source technologies like Hadoop, Apache Spark. Built-in system management capabilities lets you ingest, process and store billions of data points. BigAI™ introduces a completely new model for analytics using deep data science, giving companies a competitive edge by uncovering new insights in real time. BigAI™ roubust visualization layer can help organizations visualize the insights in various dimensions that has never seen before. It has easy-to-use API service where applications can query the insights with very low latency.

Overall, it has all the necessary ingredients that can support all the big data needs of an organization in the most cost effective, robust and an extensible manner.

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SpotDy BigAI™ WhitePapers

Find out how BigAI™ is helping Governments across the World.

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